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Loose skin dragging you down?

Ultherapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment used to lift the skin on the neck, chin, and brow, and improve lines and wrinkles on décolletage. Many of us in our 30s and 40s are beginning to feel skin laxity — that is our skin is looking or feeling, less firm. Ultherapy is the perfect option for those who want some facial lifting but are not ready for a surgical facelift, would like to maintain results they’ve achieved with other therapies, or just want to stay ahead of the aging process.

Often we will use Ultherapy in combination with chemical peel treatments, BOTOX injections, or dermal fillers for maximum results.

How does Ultherapy work?
Ultherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses focused ultrasound to stimulate the formation of new collagen deep below the skin’s surface. The production of new collagen will continue to improve the appearance of skin over 2 to 3, and up to 6 months post-treatment. Ultherapy is the only procedure to use ultrasound imaging, which allows Dr. Purewal to actually see the layers of tissue targeted during the treatment and ensure the energy is deposited precisely to where it will be most beneficial.

Does Ultherapy hurt?
As the ultrasound energy is delivered, you may feel tiny amounts of energy entering your skin, stimulating the collagen-building process. Comfort levels vary from person to person, but the sensation only lasts while the ultrasound energy is being delivered. Ultherapy is generally tolerated well, however for patients who are more sensitive, we offer numbing cream. Numbing cream is applied topically and takes about 15 minutes to work.

What should I expect after Ultherapy?
With Ultherapy, there is no downtime. After your procedure, you can resume your normal activities immediately, without having to follow any post-treatment regimens.

How many Ultherapy treatments will I need?
The majority of patients only need one treatment to significantly improve the firmness of their skin. Depending on how much skin laxity you have, and how your body responds to the treatment, Dr. Purewal may recommend additional treatments.  

How long will my results last?
Since the procedure stimulates your own collagen production, how long the results last depends on your body’s response to the treatment. While treatment produces new collagen on the inside, your natural aging process will dictate how long that translates into visible results on the outside. Future touch-up treatments can help provide more control over the aging process.