Microlaser Peel

Reveal what’s already there with fresh, brighter and clearer skin. Our MicroLaser Peel treatments deeply exfoliate and rejuvenate.

What is a MicroLaser Peel?

The MicroLaser Peel is a laser peel that exfoliates the skin at a precise depth for a smoother texture, healthier, and more even skin tone. A rejuvenation and resurfacing skin procedure, it’s equivalent to 4-6 microdermabrasions or superficial chemical peels.

How does a MicroLaser Peel work?

The MicroLaser Peel uses an erbium laser to remove a thin layer of skin, eliminating damaged skin cells that can make it look tired and aged. In between microdermabrasion and more intensive skin resurfacing treatments, its great results are thanks to the precision of depth it allows.

Am I a good candidate for a MicroLaser Peel?

If you have scars, keratosis, signs of sun damage, wrinkles or pigmentation, a MicroLaser Peel may be a good treatment option for you.

What results can I expect from a MicroLaser Peel?

Our patients report more vibrant and brighter-looking skin after a MicroLaser Peel. You will also see an improvement in fine wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. As the damaged superficial skin cells are removed through the peel, fresh skin is revealed.

Is it a painful procedure?

Good news: there is very little discomfort with this peel. For more superficial MicroLaser Peels, no numbing cream is needed. If a deeper peel is desired, numbing cream can be applied beforehand.

What is the recovery like?

Immediately after treatment, you will see some mild redness and swelling, similar to a sunburn. Peeling usually starts 24 hours after treatment. An occlusive barrier such as Aquaphor should be worn during this time to protect the skin from pollutants and hold in moisture.

The length of healing depends on the depth of your peel and ranges from 2-4 days.

Sunblock should be worn as well as avoiding direct sun exposure.

Most patients will have the procedure done on a Thursday or Friday and be comfortable returning to their normal activities or work by Monday with makeup.


How soon should I expect to see results from a MicroLaser Peel?

You should notice an obvious improvement in their overall skin tone and texture once the skin heals in 4-5 days.

How many treatments will I need?

One treatment every 6-12 months is very common. Depending on your specific skin needs, additional Microlaser Peels or other procedures can be performed for even longer lasting, dramatic results.

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