7 ways to look and feel younger today

woman with freckles and blue eyes among yellow flowers

It is natural to want to look and feel your absolute best. Unfortunately, we often pick up unhealthy habits that can sabotage our efforts to do so. Consider how you can integrate one or all seven of the following suggestions into your daily routine to help you feel refreshed and look a little younger.

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Reading is not only informed by what’s going on with us at that moment, but also governed by how our eyes and brains work to process information. What you see and what you’re experiencing as you read these words is quite different.

  1. Don’t be afraid to change: It is never too late to travel, start a new career, get married, fix a relationship, or try something new. Stop using age as an excuse!
  2. Never retire: Don’t get so caught up in ‘relaxing’ that you forget to do something useful and positive with your time. This could include volunteering at a local animal shelter, taking classes at a local community college, or starting a new hobby.
  3. Stop smoking: The single best way to prolong your health is to cut out smoking. Smoking is notorious for causing lung disorders and heart disease.
  4. Go to bed: Your body requires a certain amount of down time to recuperate and re-energize so you can function at your best the next day. Making sure you are receiving a proper amount of sleep will do wonders for your mind, body, and complexion.
  5. Drink alcohol in moderation: Alcohol can damage genes and cause inflammation to the liver. Studies show that a glass of wine a day is harmless, but don’t go overboard.
  6. Cut out saturated fat: Stop feeding your body things it doesn’t need like cake and cookies. Instead, up the omega-3 fats and reap the benefits (emotionally and physically). Eating well makes you feel well. In exchange for the sugar, add fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains to your diet.
  7. Moderate your food intake: Studies demonstrate that decreasing the amount of food you eat may extend your life by seven years. Also, getting rid of those extra pounds will take an enormous amount of strain off of your body.