What are the dark spots on my face?

August 6, 2019
woman at the beach wearing a hat and smiling

As we say goodbye to the long, sunny days of summer, it’s the perfect time to unravel any of the damage our skin suffered over the season. One of the most common, immediate effects of too much summer sun is melasma.   It’s no surprise that during the summer months, our skin takes a hit. Sunscreen can protect, hats can …

Should I get BOTOX in my 20s?

June 23, 2019
woman touching and looking at wrinkles on forehead

One of the most common questions I receive at my practice is “when should I start getting BOTOX?” 20’s? 40’s? Here is some insight on what you can do to prevent wrinkles and when we recommend getting injectables.

Do I need Blepharoplasty?

September 15, 2018
woman's before and after skin care results

If drooping, saggy, baggy, or hooded eyelids are bothering you, eyelid surgery might be a good option. Eyelid surgery, also known as an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty) is a simple procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance of your eyes. Read on to discover what eyelid surgery involves and how it can improve your confidence and enhance your appearance.

What can you do about blocked tear ducts?

July 15, 2018
woman's closed eye with tears on eyelashes

Sometimes the tiny drainage tubes in our eyes can get blocked or narrowed, creating additional fluid that leaves the eye feeling irritated and looking swollen. If you have watery or irritated eyes, consider seeing a doctor to check for blocked tear ducts.

5 ways to care for your skin this winter

January 15, 2018
woman in a snowy park using a skin care treatment and wearing a pink hat, pink scarf and white coat

If your skin is feeling unusual dry, chapped, or itchy, you may need to alter your skincare routine. There are several steps you can take in the comfort of your own home to help soothe and heal your skin during the winter months.