Refresh your skin with a chemical peel

woman laughing and about to receive a skin care procedure

Do you want to remove damaged skin, reduce scarring, and make your skin smoother? A chemical peel works to refresh and rejuvenate your skin and can be combined with other procedures like a face-lift. There are different types of chemical peels you can choose from depending on what your skin needs and your personal goals.

Types Of Peels

  • Superficial peels: These types of peels are the mildest form and can be given to any and all skin types. Typically, a liquid containing a mild acid (like glycolic acid) or solid carbon dioxide is used.
  • Medium peels: If you need a more rigorous peel, a medium peel might be the way to go. This kind will sink deeper into the skin and may cause a light burning sensation. TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) is the major ingredient used. This peel may be administered using several steps.
  • Deep peels: This type of peel will sink down into several layers of skin. It will usually create a burning sensation and is not used on darker skin types because it can bleach the skin. A chemical called phenol is used.

How To Prepare

Before scheduling a chemical peel, you will need to arrange a consultation with Dr. Purewal. During this consultation, Dr. Purewal will help you determine which type of peel will best suit your needs and goals. You will need to begin preparing your skin a few weeks before your chemical peel treatment. Depending on the doctor’s recommendation, you may need to use a special cleanser and moisturizer to prep your skin. Follow the doctor’s orders for your skin preparation to help reduce the chance of infection or other problems. After your chemical peel treatment, you will need to clean your skin often, moisturize regularly, and avoid sun exposure until all peeling has stopped.