Are There Alternative, Less Invasive Options to Upper and Lower Lid Blepharoplasty?

David BarberichLeave a Comment

Some patients may be candidates for less invasive options to correct heaviness of their upper lids and puffiness of their lower lids if they are not ready for surgical intervention. A chemical browlift can be performed with strategically injected botox in the eyebrow area to give a 1-2mm lift of the brow. This can open the eyes slightly and can be combined with Ultherapy of the brows for a stronger effect. Injectable fillers can be used to camouflage the puffiness of the lower lids and treatments such as lasers, microneedling or chemical peels can improve lower lid skin texture and tone. While these treatments will not achieve surgical results, in certain patients they can be considered as an alternative to rejuvenation in this area. These treatments can also be combined with surgery for an even better result.